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End Globalism, Restore Sovereignty

Give The Robber Barons The Boot

Post Globalism
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Discuss and Develop A Post-Globalist World
This community is created to discuss and develop ideas leading to both laws and industry to support individual nation's ability to support themselves rather than rely on globalism, which has been shown over the last 20+ years to destroy nations. Post Globalism is localization at the national and regional level, closing the borders, establishing a general trend of job creation and protectionism, local industry, and life in a post-oil economy.

This community evolved from the peak_oil community and the peakoil_prep community discussions without the claptrap communism/socialism which has essentially devolved any rationalism from the_recession community. We(I) recognize that any ideas we have are only worth what can be economically viable and profitable in the real world. And only what can be legally enabled by either voting them into law or argued in the courts. Globalism has failed us. Its time to close the borders and fix our problems internally. A steady state, non-"growth" economy is what's required.