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Living in the Aftermath of the Economic War We Lost - End Globalism, Restore Sovereignty
July 30th, 2012
12:31 pm


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Living in the Aftermath of the Economic War We Lost
America does two things well. Agriculture, which is our largest non-military export, is going to end up our biggest source of hard currency. The trick to that is other nations are getting so poor they can't pay much, and thus ramp up their own agriculture, die back their populations until they're mostly growing their own food again, meaning exporting agriculture won't have much point.

The other thing America does well is Tourism. That's a good source of currency, though the catch is we have to bring in foreigners who are rich enough to matter doing tours here, seeing things they want to see. I can't see African tourists being positively impressed touring nasty black-american hellholes like Oakland, the Chicago Projects, East St. Louis, the ruins of New Orleans or the slums of Atlanta. South Central LA Tours? Not so much. Africans, just like everyone else, come to New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. They go to our national parks, and see the vistas of the American West because its pretty and very safe. I've never felt endangered in any US desert. I can't say the same of Oakland. Big safe empty places where there's zero chance of being held up and slaughtered on your tour bus, that's what America offers compared to most everywhere else. Solo travel is safe enough if you aren't stupid enough to drive badly and hurt yourself. America is a theme park compared to the rest of the world, and rich tourists come here because of that reputation. I suppose the primary jobs here are hospitality associated with all that Americana theme park-ism. Keep the tourists coming.

Where does that leave the rest of us? Maintenance men fixing up the theme park, keeping the roads smooth and the bathrooms clean, making sure the tractors work properly and the food tastes good at the restaurants all the tourists visit. That's our hard currency, long term.

We've been in economic war with China and India for 15 years, and we've lost. What's more, they'll destroy each other trying to be top dog, fighting of the last resources, namely oil and rare earths and water supply so they can grow food. I wouldn't be surprised if contracts don't pop up to buy entire crops of rice and other foods for shipment to China, starving out Japan and India and the local Californians if we aren't growing our own supply or importing potatoes from Idaho, which is kind of likely. Potatoes and onions are tasty and they don't ship well overseas. I can see the Chinese funding our big water projects, but owning the water in question to get huge taxes sent back to China, leaving the Western USA a province of China with all that implies. The Chinese are meaner than the Americans and much more ruthless. They don't bother faking enthusiasm. They've begun enslaving Japan with the Yuan-Yen currency exchange that controls Japan's access to oil and will eventually have the entire country replaced by Koreans and Chinese rice farmers while the Japanese vanish thanks to their racism and national debt. It's still genocide, just in slow motion. We'll go through the same thing, given time and poverty to grind us down. The US Military isn't allowed to stop illegal migration, and the State Department seems to encourage it through non-enforcement of existing laws. That tells you a Great Deal about which side they're on in the conflict, in this war we're losing. Immigration is the majority of new population growth, and immigrants have half a dozen kids when they get settled here. Instead of leaving some resources for descendents, they're taking it all now, then demanding more through voting. This is how Democracy failed America. How we turned into Communists, or it became more obvious anyway. FDR shoulders a lot of the blame, the Fascist bastard. The distance between him and Hitler and Stalin was quite small.

Greece has $400B in debts they can't pay. They used gold to buy oil to keep the lights on another couple months, and the "bailouts" of Greece are more like trading jobs and a future for meals now. It won't work. Eventually Greece with either Default or its entire population will die. Its really that dire.

Spain owes 4x as much as Greece does, $1.2 Trillion in debts. Most of that derivatives LIBOR mess too. A bailout of Spain will be necessary. They've got nothing to sell. Its very very grim, in Europe. What's worse, the German bankers who made the NINJA loans knowing they couldn't possibly be repaid, are being bailed out under threat by their owned politician, Angela Merkel, who took big campaign contributions from those same banksters. They ought to be shot for that. There's a billion lives in the balance because they were greedy. When India was stealing jobs a few years ago, they refused to pay the contracted price for Wheat they'd agreed on previously. Some aid agency paid the difference to stop a 100 million people in India from starving to death. Personally, we'd be in less trouble if they had died, and that's what a Resource war is all about. Helping the other nation die. German bankers claim everybody owes them money, but they gave it to idiots with no collateral. The problem there is people are still listening to those bankers instead of shooting them and anyone who claims they own the prior debts. Just...no. Default is going to come down to bloodshed. That's just the future. It won't help being in the boonies. Really, you want to be where the food is. And a good way to stay warm while you work a quiet job and wait it out. Get used to Poverty. Rich people are going to be wearing targets, everywhere.

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