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Oxford and Davis - End Globalism, Restore Sovereignty
September 1st, 2012
12:35 pm


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Oxford and Davis
From what I understand, Oxford isn't A college. Its a collection of colleges. It was formed by students who wanted specific educations coming together, in a union, to hire teachers of those subjects. Teachers eventually banded together to form colleges, dozens of them, in Oxford. So its not a University so much as a whole bunch of them.

University of California at Davis is a single university, containing many departments. Due to it taking over about 1/3 of the town itself, physically, and most of the population there are students, with surrounding homes and apartments for student housing, and it being utterly flat is very popular for bicycling. Potentially, Davis could be a huge long term sustainable town. Unfortunately, the UC system is all about MONEY, and it grades on a curve, so its graduates are largely groupthink fools, failures of mediocrity thanks to the quirk of statistics that lets them graduate by agreeing with everyone else. This is a big part of why Davis isn't producing ground breaking science so much as administrators that are strangling the science organizations in California. Its very sad. I have to think that if Davis broke up into Colleges like Oxford, with specialties and competition they could both cut their costs and change their grading system so they got quality students actually interested in science instead of catered meetings at crappy companies that are little more than Ponzi Schemes continuously seeking "investors". I've seen that first hand, and this is what Davis graduates do. Dilution through mediocrity.

Considering that Davis is organized around huge classes and professors who sometimes lecture but never teach in rooms of hundreds where you need opera glasses to see the board... well, now that attendence is a $40-200K cost per degree, Davis is a bad deal. Real wages are fallen to just above Minimum, which in the PRK is $8.25/hr. Imagine trying to make a living when you've got a $200K student loan to pay off. Davis is financial suicide. Their rates need to drop and they need to fire their clearly incompetent teachers. The only way I can see that happening is seeing the various departments split off from the UC system and operate private colleges, cheaply, in Davis, the town. Authorizing the bankruptcy of UC Davis and selling off the buildings to private colleges would probably work best. Make it cheap. Davis is nothing to be proud of anymore. Turning it into Oxford could save it.

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