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The Value of Speculation - End Globalism, Restore Sovereignty
August 26th, 2012
11:15 am


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The Value of Speculation
Naysayers to Peak Oil and Economic Collapse love to pooh-pooh survivalists preppers speculating on the future and how to prepare for reasonable eventualities. These same naysayers adore Star Trek because its a utopia (actually a dystopia) with unlimited energy, unlimited materialism, and clothes without pockets. Gene Roddenberry was a tard. Most Commies are. I think that speculating about the future is a wonderful exercise and helps people realize the many dependencies in our civilization, some of which we can work around, others we can't without giving something up.

It is possible that SOME DAY in the future, we'll have a viable battery for electric cars, we aren't there yet and probably won't be for decades, not merely years. It takes 17 years for a scientific discovery to become a product for sale off the shelf. We still don't have cheap spidersilk for use in vehicles (including bicycles) and bulletproof vests for our police and military, despite its discovery in 1990. It's not even hard to make, and costs a lot less than aramid (carbon fiber). We also haven't seen any serious manufacturing of the Selenium-Arsenide solar panels on mylar, a roll printing method with a highly efficient solar cell receptor which would seriously revolutionize solar power and uses commonly available elements found in the San Joaquin River and valley deposits. I mean, this could solve our domestic energy issues AND its cheap and easy to scale up. Factory? Nope. Solyndra was using rare earths (Osmium and Tantalum if I remember correctly) from China that was poisoning its employees during manufacturing. If they hadn't shut down, there would be deaths. The Chinese stopped exporting it just to kill that company. And people wonder why I keep saying we're in economic war with China. We are. Have been for 20 years and we're LOSING. That's HISTORY, not speculation. These panels, using common elements available in California from agricultural wastewater runoff (no really, its in the soil of all those fields), would make for jobs manufacturing and installing, employing lots of electricians put out of work by the Housing Bubble crash, and a generation of youth unable to find jobs in the last half-decade.

Until these things happen, we can only hope that Ras Tanura doesn't get bombed, that the Persian Gulf isn't blown up or Mexico fall into revolution that shuts down the oil, that the refinery fire damage in Richmond is easily repaired, that hurricanes in the Caribbean don't destroy more oil platforms and refineries... yeah, many things have to go right just to avoid making things worse. Some will, by chance. Others won't. That's how life is.

Reasonable speculation is important because you can use those ideas to do some planning and purchases against likely events. People who live in the South are going to get hurricane related storms and lightning. People in the MidWest are going to get tornadoes and blizzards. People in the NorthEast get the blizzards and ice storms and severe weather coming off the ocean. People in the Northwest get ice storms, rain, and power outages. People here in California get wildfires and rare floods in the Spring. Snow melt can overtop our rivers. Happens. Its rational to plan to deal with these events we know we face from time to time. Alien invaders? No. Just, no. Fuel shortages? Yes! Lots of options there. Learn to ride a scooter and store some stabilized fuel. You can ride for a month on a few gallons during a shortage. Stock your pantry with food? Sure. If there's shortages, you will eat. Might give/sell some on to neighbors to keep them from starving to death, but that gets into a bad area, imho. If they're starving, the pitchforks and torches aren't far behind. This is why White Flight has so many moving to the boonies to hide. After they go bankrupt, they come back to the city poorer and humiliated. This is why I'm a fan of working, and living near your job if you can. If the job stays open during a fuel crisis, you can bicycle there, worst case. If it closes down, you're no worse off than anyone else.

Just make sure your speculation is reasonable. No tinfoil hat paranoia. Reasonable, likely events are far more likely to happen and be worth spending your hard earned cash prepping for. Don't waste your money. Cash is a resource too.

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