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Full Employment - End Globalism, Restore Sovereignty
August 16th, 2012
12:30 pm


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Full Employment
I've been reading articles on Cracked.com, including some which had some intriguing points, but then fail at the end thanks to liberal bias and ignorance. I'm a Libertarian, which is kinda like a Republican who actually values Civil Rights and Ethics. Not a Rand-ist either. I've read Ayn Rand... a bit old fashioned and naive. Anyway, I read a recent article that was making good points until it suddenly supported Globalism, completely ignoring that said Globalism has completely destroyed the US economy and caused massive unemployment in the name of cheaper consumer goods made somewhere else. This only really benefits the companies that contract these goods, as they're often poorly made by slave labor in China and SE asia. Certain shoe and cell phone factories are famous for this. The practice of outsourcing what should be US jobs really ought to be expensive and regulated to the point that its unaffordable. Unfortunately, the world is run by Rand-ists and their resulting Oligarchy (inherited wealth) closely resembles the sort of artistocratic nonsense which caused the American revolution in the first place. Which eventually lead to democracy... which no longer exists due to indifference and the welfare culture of entitlement that's pretty well caused the demand for cheap consumer goods, debt, and unemployment we have now. Thus is the circle of poverty!

Its frustrating when you get into an article that's doing well and then it goes off into crazyland. Glen Beck? Sometimes he would work with evidence then he's off into looneyworld a few minutes later. Fox news? Pro oligarchy mouthpiece. Global Warming? Nobody wants to hear about the facts because they make Al Gore look even stupider, kinda like the destructive environmental costs of building a Prius. Haven't you clowns heard of biodiesel? Its sustainble and scalable and does NOT require invading foreign countries and getting into boondoggle wars. If Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, and the various EU manufacturers were allowed to sell their (unsafe) vehicles here and we lowered the speed limits back to 55 mph, we'd all benefit and be that much less dependent on the damn Arabs.

I look forward to the bankruptcy of the oligarchy financing Bad Ideas (like foreign wars and buying oil from OPEC) so we can focus on either having that revolution or admitting full employment is the smarter goal since it keeps people busy, gives them valid reason for pride, and ends most of the violence people are afraid of. Full employment. Its not hard to see the benefits.

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